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"One Team One Goal"–Outward Bound of Eton Property Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in the summer of 2011


30 first line managers of Eton Property Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. drove away from the noisy Shanghai and visited the quiet Linping, Hangzhou on April 9~10, 2011. Here we received two-day closed centralized training. To us, this outward bound is an activity, an experience and also an inspiration of life……


The core task of our property management company is to provide service for others. When we contact others, our etiquette, words and acts all represent the image of our company. Therefore, this training started with the basic skills. Trainer's patient instruction and demonstration deepened our understanding on etiquette and aroused our consciousness of civilization. From the training, we know that today, in the highly specialized society, good professional etiquette and accomplishment will help the practitioners of a company adapt to social demands in a better way and help us maintain a correct degree of association with others, properly handle interpersonal relations and unconsciously raise the service level of the company. 

                     [The ongoing etiquette training]

"Short 60 Seconds"

Through the "Short 60 Seconds" activity, we learnt: the difficulty of a problem rests with the degree of teamwork; high speed does not mean high efficiency; the key to success is every team member's accurate understanding and use of the rules, executive power and infinite creative thinking; in the face of difficulty, we should dare to try, make timely adjustment, be innovative, never say no and accurately seize the chance of breakthrough. Perhaps, success is in a blink of an eye. 

                     ["Short 60 Seconds" Activity]

Challenging "Graduation Wall"

Challenging "Graduation Wall" reflects the "one for all and all for one" team power. Before the 4m high wall, there is no tool but partners and collective wisdom. Work division, communication, decision making and execution, all were done in one go and nobody gave up. From this activity, we knew a truth: every member of the team must have the spirits of contribution, solidarity and cooperation, which are the core for the win of the team. 

                     [All team members challenged "Graduation Wall"]


Trust is throughout the whole process of the "suplex" activity. It challenges the player himself other than anybody else. In the activity, we not only must overcome the fear to height but also should learn to trust other members of the team and the power of cooperation. We must fully trust our partners, lay our bodies down without worry, find a balance point of body and realize a perfect fall. From this activity, we learnt the mutual trust and cooperation of team members may conquer any difficulty. Likewise, when we handle any difficulty in work, we need the full cooperation of our colleagues and meanwhile we must have full confidence in their ability. Only in this way, things can be solved quickly and smoothly. 

                     [Suplex with Trust]

Directional Cross-country Drill

This activity is a test to the entire team. It needs the joint participation of all team members and their joint completion of tasks, so it reflects the importance of teamwork. In the activity, not only the team should be united but also every team member should make the best use of their wisdom and give full cooperation to other team members in order to go through the ordeal. The only goal to everybody is to pass barriers and reach the destination, but after the activity, when we recalled the process, we knew a truth: nowadays, individuality is advocated, but we also need teamwork. The sense of cooperation for giving consideration to the general situation will bring our overall work quality up to a new stage.  

                     [The ongoing "directional cross-country drill"]

We learnt a lot from the short two days'outward bound. Firstly, we'd like to express sincere thanks to the people who arranged and organized this training. It is them who make it possible for us to attend the outward bound after tense work, enjoy the process, enrich our experience and rebuild ourselves. Secondly, the participation and mutual communication and cooperation made the colleagues know each other better and serve as a promoter to creating a good team atmosphere in future work. In the activities, we experienced and apprehended a positive and initiative attitude to work and a healthy attitude to life. In the future work and life, we will be responsible, cooperative, initiative, optimistic, self-confident……, care for our customers, strive to raise our management level and foster a property management brand for Eton. 

                     [A group photo of the participants of the outward bound from Eton Property Management
                       (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.]

(Special thanks to the text and photo provider: Miss Guo Xiaoping from Eton Property Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. The article was edited and sorted by Eton Properties Group)