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Eton congratulates the smooth opening of a new route (Manila – New Delhi) of Philippine Airlines


On March 30, 2011, a plane with red, yellow and blue colors on its tail slowly landed in Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi, India. Lucio C. Tan, the Board Chairman of Philippine Airlines, his wife, family members and friends, Mr. Cheung Chi Ming, the CEO of Eton Properties Group and the people from CCFFFII in total of above 80 people stepped down the gangway ladder, marking the official start of the Manila – New Delhi maiden flight ceremony. 

The New Delhi route opened this time will have six flights a week, including 3 direct flights from Manila to New Delhi, and 3 flights from Manila to New Delhi via Bangkok.


The opening of this route makes the total number of the international routes of Philippine Airlines reach 26, which cover 15 countries in the world. It is also the first flight of Philippine Airlines to South Asia since 1994.
A senior official of Indian General Services Administration said the opening of this route is another historical step forward made by Indian Government after it officially announced the treatment of visa on arrival to Filipinos on January 1, 2011. He said this route provides the Indian people who are getting richer a very good opportunity to explore new tourist destinations. He also believed Philippine government will take the same positive attitude in the near future.

The opening of this route is an extension of the international routes of Philippine Airlines. It not only may promote the tourism of the Philippines and India and may also provide a new opportunity for future business and trade development of the two countries in a sense.
Here Eton would like to express congratulations again to the opening of the Manila-New Delhi route of Philippine Airlines!