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Philippine business reporter conference held at Eton Hotel


When the Spring Festival was drawing near, Eton Properties Group received a delegation of the business reporters from Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE), Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and major Philippine newspaper and television stations. The delegation with 12 members arrived in Shanghai and checked in to Eton Hotel on January 21, 2011. They will talk and exchange ideas with the executives of Eton Properties Group and stay in Shanghai three days.

This visit was organized by Eton Properties Group and coordinated by Eton Properties Philippines, Inc., aiming to have more Filipinos know, through the publicity of Philippine media, Eton Properties Group, which is subordinate to Lucio C. Tan’s Group of Companies and is dedicated to developing real estate in China.

Under the arrangement of Eton, the Philippine business reporter conference was held in the conference room of the hotel at 11 am January 22. The meeting was presided over by Patrick Wong, the Executive Vice President of Eton Properties Group. At first, Mr. LANCE LIN, the Director of the Marketing Department of the hotel made an introduction to the reporters through PPT presentation. He said Eton Hotel is the first 5-star hotel developed and operated by Eton Properties Group under Lucio C. Tan’s Group of Companies in China. After that, Mr. LIN elaborated the completion time, business scale, management projects, service standard and current status of the hotel. Then Mr. Patrick Wong comprehensively introduced Eton Properties Group to the reporters. He said Eton Properties Group mainly develops high-end and urban complex projects in China. The aggregate market value of the current projects exceeds 20 billion yuan. Eton has three projects under construction (Eton Place • Dalian, Eton Place • Shenyang and Zibo Eton Villa) and four projects under preparation (Eton Place • Xiamen, Xiamen Eton Residence, Shanghai Yu Ting and Beijing Financial & Trade Plaza). Mr. Wong gave key introduction to two landmark projects: “Eton Place • Dalian” and “Eton Place • Shenyang”. He said “Eton Place • Dalian” will be completed in 2013. It consists of three luxurious apartments and two skyscrapers incorporating 7-star hotel, office building, serviced apartment and shopping mall, of which one has 81 stories and the other has 62 stories. “Eton Place • Shenyang” will be completed in 2016-2017 and consists of 10 tower-style urban complexes incorporating 7-star hotel, 5A office building, shopping mall and upscale residence. In addition, Mr. Wong also explained in details the projects in Zibo, Xiamen, Shenzhen and other places. 

The presentation and introduction of Mr. Wong let the media guests have all-round knowledge on the projects developed by Eton Properties Group and their scale and fully demonstrate the solid strength and excellent architectural concept of Eton Properties Group. The reporters showed high expectation on appreciation of Eton projects. They asked questions to Mr. Wong. Mr. Wong answered all the questions and gave them the brochures of Eton Properties Group, Eton Hotel and Eton Place • Dalian as well as small gifts on behalf of Eton.

At the end of the meeting, a wonderful 3D demonstration animation about Eton Place • Dalian project was played. The reporters might more intuitively feel a new urban landmark will be erected in the central area of Dalian in the near future……

During their stay in Shanghai, the delegation also visited Shanghai World Financial Center, World Expo China Pavilion, Super Brand Mall, Shanghai Hongfang International Cultural & Art Community, Nanjing Road, Yu Garden and other attractions.

Through this visit of the media delegation and the direct dialogue and exchange between the reporters and the executives of Eton, more Filipinos will pay attention to the overseas development trends of Eton and Lucio C. Tan’s Group of Companies.

(Special thanks to the following persons for providing photos and related information:
PR Manager Joyce Dayrit from Eton Properties Philippines, Inc.,
Ms. Guo Xiaoping and Miss Wang Qi from Shanghai Supreme Trade Property Development Co., Ltd.,
Miss Ni Chengyou from Shanghai Eton Hotel, and
Francesca and Alexia from Shanghai Eton Hotel Market Department)