ETON Properties Ltd. was established in 1987 in Hong Kong by the renowned Chinese executive, Dr. Lucio C. Tan who currently resides overseas in the Philippines. He has been dealing with the development of high-ranking properties all the time. As a result, he now owns top-ranking properties such as Eton Garden, Carmen's Garden, Dragon Centre, Dragon Villa, and the Eton Tower in Hong Kong, which has become one of the only two superbrand real estate and building construction agencies in Hong Kong. Its aggregate market value exceeds 20 billion HK dollars. Since its debut in Mainland China in 1993, Eton has invested on large-scale real estate development projects in cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Shenyang and Zibo. In order to integrate domestic resources, Eton Properties Group and Beijing Management Center were set up in the first half of 2005. At present, the total investment of the group exceeds 40 billion yuan and its total land reserve is above 3 million ㎡.

Eton Properties Group has eight real estate development companies, three property management companies, two hotel club management companies (managing a 5-star hotel and a high-class club). It assists its subsidiary Hong Kong Dynamic Holdings Limited in investment and development projects in Shenzhen, Beijing and Shanghai, by providing management resources.

Adhering to the principle of "Forging Values", Eton is devoted to the development and management of high-quality realties. "The Bank Center", the top ranking office building with an area of 56,000㎡ costing one billion yuan in Xiamen, has become one of the most symbolic pieces of architecture marking Xiamen's entry into the new age of the Asia-Pacific economy with its vivid features of "top-quality, advantageous location, bright pioneering office building, high-quality materials and Hong Kong-style management". The "Eton Legend" project in Xiamen is another superb work in the field of upscale residential buildings after "Xiamen Bank Center". The distinct estate developing concept from a cultural perspective is behind the superb work the Group presented to Xiamen. What's more, "Xiahe Eton" – an upscale commercial residence with a low plot ratio, and "Eton Residence" - a complex incorporating 5-star hotel, super 5-star hotel, hotel apartment, A-Grade office building up to international standards and upscale shopping mall are under planning. Eton Place • Shanghai is wholly funded by the Group. It is a multi-functional landscape complex incorporating five-star international hotel, 5A intelligent A-Grade office building and upscale business and leisure facilities. It is not only the first real estate project that marks Dr. Lucio C. Tan's Group's debut in Shanghai, but is also a landmark signifying Eton Properties Group's launching of a full-scale real estate development and distribution in Mainland China. The "Eton Hui Ting" project located in Yangzhen Town, Pudong New Area, Shanghai and adopting the concept of "Disney" will break ground at the end of 2010. Its prospect is good. In Dalian, the group allocates the best resources to the construction of "Eton Place • Dalian" with a total area of 800,000㎡ and estimated total investment of 7 billion yuan, which will be built into a landmark complex combining super-high hotel, 5A office building, luxury apartment, large shopping mall and parking lot. The elevation of 383m makes it the highest building under construction in North China. In addition, "Eton Place • Shenyang" under preparation with a total planned area of 1.2 million ㎡ and estimated total investment of 8 billion yuan will become another landmark complex combining super-high hotel, 5A office building, large shopping mall and upscale residential building in Northeast China. So far, it is also a project with the largest investment of the group. In addition, Shandong "Zibo Eton Villa" project with a land area of 218,700㎡ in the first stage, a total floorage of 263,700㎡ and estimated total investment of one billion yuan will be built into a large upscale community in the area. The "Financial & Trade Plaza" project in the pan CBD of Beijing is in full swing.

As for the hotel industry, the Eton Hotel located in the heart of Lujiazui Finance & Trade Zone, Pudong District, Shanghai is a 5-star business hotel, with 460 guest rooms. In Xiamen, Eton Group opened the first high-ranking private club "International Club", which remains the largest private club in the area.

Eton Properties Group also offers management resource assistance and works in strategic alignment with various projects invested and developed in Mainland China by its listed subsidiary Hong Kong Dynamic Holdings Limited. For instance, in Beijing, Eton acted as a master planner of "The Sun Crest", the first full Hong Kong style housing community in Beijing. Eton positioned sample index housing in the Beijing market while traditional location ideas make it one of the best potential buildings for investment on the housing market today. In addition, Eton will join hands with Hong Kong Dynamic Holdings Limited again to build Shenzhen "Dongjiaotou" project with a total land area of 310,000 ㎡ into a comprehensive property with full seaside features, which will include a yacht club, commercial and high-ranking communities. It is a new landmark in Shekou.

Currently, Eton Properties Group has three property management companies in Shanghai, Xiamen and Dalian. Based on the tenet of professional, standard and comprehensive property service in a style of star-rated hotels, Eton devotes itself to developing the property management of high-ranking commercial buildings, luxury houses and hotels. Several properties under the management of Eton (Xiamen) Property Management Co., Ltd. were appraised as "Property Management Model Buildings" and "Excellent Buildings", becoming "The Best Housekeeper" with customer satisfaction.

Looking back the glorious history in the past 23 years, we owe our success to a veteran management team, a stable and dynamic employee team and a professional advisory team, which are the core driving forces of corporate development. With our constant pursuit to outstanding quality, solid capital strength and professional technological advantage, we have earned a great reputation in the domestic property community. With our thrust anchored in the new century, assiduous practical spirit, unbending pursuit and innovation, Eton will realize the newest breakthroughs.